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Custom/Back Orders

CUSTOM ORDERS: Due to extremely high demand, many of the high quality manufacturers have extended order turn around times for jewelry. We have spoken to each one of these company's Production Managers about the back-order/custom order situation. This is an industry wide backlog and we apologize for any inconvenience or delays. If your jewelry is back ordered or custom ordered, these are the estimated wait times you should expect to get your jewelry. Sometimes manufacturers take longer than their estimated times. It does not really matter who you order from, online or in a piercing studio, these are the wait times you can expect from any retailer that you order these items through.

Anatometal: 8-10 weeks.
Industrial Strength: 10-26 weeks.
Intrinsic Body: 8-12 weeks.
Body Vision Los Angeles: 14-16 weeks.
NeoMetal: 6-8 weeks.
Little 7: 3-5 weeks.
Little 7 Black PVD Steel: 8-10 weeks.
NeoMetal Gold Items: 12-16 weeks.
Body Circle: 10-16 weeks.
Glasswear Studios: 4-6 weeks.
Tether Jewelry: 2-3 weeks.
Tether Jewelry Gold Ends: 6-8 weeks.
LeRoi: 14-16 weeks.
Gorilla Glass: 4-6 weeks.
Kaos: 2-4 weeks.
Body Gems: 16-18 weeks.
Zadamer Jewelry: 12-16 weeks.

Custom order items will be ordered from the manufacturer once your payment is accepted. We custom order jewelry from BVLA, NeoMetal, Industrial Strength, Anatometal, Intrinsic Body, Glass Heart, Body Circle, LeRoi, Clayton Limited, GlassWear Studios and many more.

THERE ARE NO REFUNDS FOR CUSTOM ORDERS! Once your item is custom ordered, the process is started and cannot be reversed. So be sure you know what you want before placing a custom order. Do not contact us every week looking for your custom order. This is only a waste of our time and the manufacturers time. If the estimated wait times above are exceeded and you have not received your order by then, please feel free to contact us using the email address info@diablobodyjewelry.com about your order. We apologize if these policies seem strict, but this is the reality of the situation and the wait times. If you are looking for instant gratification, then this is not the website for you. Custom jewelry is not sitting on shelf, waiting for someone to buy it. It has to be made.

BACK ORDERS: If we don't have the jewelry in stock, we will send you and email letting you know that the item you ordered has been back ordered. This means we sold the last one and there is not other one at any of our studios. When you receive notice that your item has been back order, you may then choose to cancel the order or continue with the order. If you cancel the order, you will receive a full refund. If you continue with the order and accept the back order, the order will then be treated like a custom order at that time.
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